By Taileah Watson

As the boxing comes to an end at the Marist International Sports Week, international boxers thank Samoa, and hope to return soon.


After a long week of preparation, training, and rewarding bouts, the boxing has ended for this year’s Marist sports week. With a combination of win and losses from all competing countries, the event shaped up to be successful and exciting. In 2017 Marist was fortunate to invite and host international boxing teams, after the success of its inaugural Fight for Marist last year. Teams included Tonga, Australia, American Samoa, and New Zealand who competed against the inspiring locals from Samoa.

To some fighters, the chance to compete on a national stage was humbling. Ken Stone William Hurrell of Tonga expressed his gratitude, “I’d like to thank Samoa for supporting us, and for sponsoring us to come here to join the Marist tournament, and thank you Tonga for praying for us.”

The South Australia team was keen for the international exposure which the Marist event would provide. One teammate in particular Adrian Cammarano, was impressed with the event and said, “Samoa has been awesome, I’m loving it…very nice and friendly people. The Marist event has been well organized, pretty happy for a first time experience. I’d love to come back!”

For those who didn’t walk away with a win, the experience of being in Samoa was thrilling enough. Seventeen year old Joshua Ngalu form Brisbane is excited for the rest of his holiday before he leaves Sunday. “Samoa has been good, and so has the event. I was pretty focused before my fight… but after that, it’s a holiday now. Hopefully it’s sunny so we can go out and do some sightseeing. Samoa is beautiful. Hopefully there’s a chance I could come back”.

The main event on Friday night shaped up to be quick, but no less exciting as Australian Jai Opetaia won by technical knock out in the second round. The turnout from international boxers has been fulfilling to the sport of boxing and the Marist organization. After a successful start to 2017’s Marist International Sports Week, the future of boxing in Samoa looks promising.